Thursday, April 19

Black and White photos from India

I have completely forgot that I took some self-portraits during my trip to India in December. I spent a week in an nature cure center.

Everyday I walked by the Chikku plantation and decided to take few photos there.

As I sat under the Chikku tree on a dried grass, I realised I was sitting on bed of tiny thorns. I got up immediately but all those thorns were in my clothes and I had to run back to my room.  After that adventure I spent entire afternoon picking thorns from my clothes. 

While I was in the nature cure center, I saw many migratory bird. I think they were some kind of Heron. It was a very fascinating sight. Most of them were settled on one tree and fly entire morning and afternoon carrying small branches of eucalyptus tree. 

Friday, March 30

Postcards to and from strangers - Pt. 1

* MARCH 2018

It's been four years I am a member of Postcrossing. If you already don't know click here to find more. During these four years i received over 140 cards and I sent that many too. I never shared anything here so far but here it is. 

Postcards I received in March 2018

Postcards I sent in March 2018 - All are Monet Paintings

Through Postcrossing I met many wonderful people and two of them become my regular pen friends. But more about it in another post.

Thursday, March 29


I know 2017 is long gone...

It was the most busiest, craziest and the best year so far. This year taught me many new things, made me push my boundaries, made me laugh, made me cry, it threw me out of my comfort zone, it also made me forget the social media. And I am thankful for that.

So now when I can (or at least I hope) have little more free time, I decided to revive this blog one more time. I want to share bits of my everyday life and use this place as a digital diary.

So here are some photos that I have taken during 2017.  I shot only 4 roles of film. I chose one photo from each of the role.

New part of botanical garden 
Henderson Waves bridge

Changi Beach

Burkill Hall botanical gardens